Black Domina


I take great pleasure in My power of obedience training and using My slaves/subs to administer and relish in My creativity and skills.. As Your trusted Guide & Deviant Tormentor I will tease you until you cannot bear the slightest touch , then deny you of the release your mere existence needs....I will make you beg as if your life depended on it and at that point I will decide your fate! When in My presence, the sole reason for existence will be to serve and please Me in any way I see fit! I believe in safe, sane consensual S/M play. Key word is "play", you play your part and submit to Me and I will play Mine and guide you into My Domain of Forbidden desires and pleasurable torments....You must be enthusiastic and in harmony with the following ranges of My Expertise before you contact Me...

Black Domina

Inescapable Bondage

Incarcerating Rope Bondage, Pantyhose or Stockings Bondage, Saran Wrap Mummification

Sensory Deprivation

Blindfolds, Gags, Hoods, Smothering, My High heels shoved in your mouth, Hand over mouth

Fetish Worship

Long Sexy Fingernails, Latex, Stockings or Pantyhose, High heels, Boots, Gloves, Foot & Toe Worship, Legs, Ass Worship to the deserving


Light Transformations, Sissy Training, Forced Feminization


Teacher/Student, Nurse/Patient, Boss/Employee, Dog Training, Prisoner Interrogations, Slut Training, Hostage, Damsel in Distress, Cat Woman/Villain Fantasy

Whatever is Clever

Trampling, Verbal Humiliation, Tickle Torment, Teasing and Denial, Nipple Play, Behavior Modifications, Candle Waxing, Face Slapping, Water Sports, Financial Domination, Physical Degradation, Edge Play, Cuckold Fantasy, Character Assassination, Reformation, Phone Domination and Long Distance Email Training







Black Domina

I have developed this Program to gain access to My subjects ability of tolerance to physical pain implemented by My usage of administering various instruments of Disciplinary tools and psychological tactics. Your enthusiasm and genuine willingness to withstand different levels of pain, torture and punishments will be conducted by Me Domina Erotica and will be well documented in your personal log of tolerance capabilities. Submissive subjects initiated into this program will have to complete a full inspection and interview in order to apply. This assessment will be held during the first meeting with Me and will start at the beginning of the session. From there I will log the progress according to the subjects facial reaction, body language, need of safe words and cowering at My feet for mercy. As these series of tests are conducted, I will use verbal abusement to coheres, manipulate, and degrade said subjects for My amusement and pleasures. You will show and prove to Me that you are worthy and in harmony with My wealthy knowledge of Expertises in Pain Management! As time progresses you will undergo surprise test to see where you are in your level of tolerance. This is for My own personal satisfaction....... Disciplinary actions are listed as the following but are not limited to:


Over the knee
Bound and Gagged
Tied to the Bondage table
Free standing bondage spanking
Percussion play


Single tail


Tree branch switches (just like Moma use to)




Metal rulers


Ball busting and crushing
Long finger nail digging
Chains and ropes
Restrictive twine
Candle wax
Intimidating metal devices

Nipple Torture

My Long Fingernails
Various clamps
Hot wax
More intimidating metal devices
Smacking and pinching

Long Fingernail Raking

My long sexy fingernails can and will be used as an instrument of pleasure and/or pain. In this case you will be full body raked and I will sharpen My talons just for you. You can be My human scratching post!

Black Domina pic

Black Domina