Black Domina

There is an old adage.....The journey matters more than the destination....I believe in this adage. I embark upon My perspective and philosophy then transcend them into words...


Each journey through the nether regions of My slaves body and soul is an unique opportunity to explore, occupy and own every inch of the "territory" he/she has offered up to Me in tribute to My Superior Dominance and Supreme sense of character. Not only to bring the slave to his/her appointed destination but to make certain the journey is more memorable and life altering through trust.


Woven within a dynamic unity of elevated bliss and understanding of our inner nature, I embrace the Divine Light that radiates from within Me.....and transcend this into actions...I am a Temptress dedicated to exacting persuasions of Female Supremacy indulging on scenarios that I passionately cultivate, mutual enjoyment is essential, exploring and experimenting highly desirable and visual.

Discover the "mystery" deep inside you..there is a yearning that heightens.

You search for its meaning only to experience frustration and contradiction. You ask yourself, "How do I find a solution to something I cannot define?" The enticing Powers of Female Domination is a force that cannot be reckon with or denied. Every time you encounter its essence you find a part of you slipping away as It controls you and seduces the very depth of your existence and comprehension.

You are aware of the fact that you will never escape, never be free until you discover the truth....the "mystery". When one is ready to delve on a path that will help realize these truths that live within, ready to submit to the Powers of the Domina and tap into the most exquisite source of Sensuality and Strictness with a true commitment, only then will you be accepted into the Utopia of Domina Erotica...Whether I apply a seductive caress or a harsh stroke of discipline, My sentiments are the same, to bring you the most profound experience you could possibly endure.


Although Corporal Punishment/pain are incredibly tools for psychic release, I feel that conscience and consensual Power Exchange can manifest itself in many different forms through discovery. What is a Dominatrix/ Femme Fatal? She is a Woman of Class & inner Beauty as well as outer Beauty, Charming & Provocative. A Woman who exudes Confidence & Strength in Her Power of Seduction, She embraces Her Elements of Power rooted in Self-Knowledge.

Well versed in the Dynamics of Her Expertises, but swathed in Mystery....She is a Siren of Sophisticated intoxication, Versatile in Her Finesse and Style. She is Strict, Sensual & Smart the ultimate male fantasy a Vixen! You endure because you want to inhale Her essence and submit to Her because She offers a total release from the limitations and lacking in your life.

In Her presence, which She is always heightened and Dominantly charged, the male feels transported to a world of Captivation & Ecstasy. The Domme can be cunning and in pursuing Her prey, which may loose control over himself...something he yearns to do!

Black Domina

Black Domina

These Rites & Regulations to enter My Realm will be taken seriously or else...I will not accept anything less than what I have written here. If you feel that you can't live up to My expectations of Class, Respect, Etiquette, Discipline, Common Sense & Generosity, then you need  to look elsewhere.

I am a Professional/Lifestyle Domina, but that does not mean I don't have a sense of humor. I like to fully enjoy My subjects for My entertainment, and/or your punishment and obedience training. You will comply with the following:

(1) I, The DOMINA is always right! 

(2) The rules are subject to change at anytime without prior notification to you! 

(3) No slave can possibly know all of the rules! 

(4) If I suspect you know all the rules, I can immediately change some or all of the rules! 

(5) I can change My mind at any given point! 

(6) I have the right to be annoyed with you at any given time! 

(7) I will never be wrong in your eyes! 

(8) If I am wrong, then it is because of a misunderstanding which was the direct result of something you did or said wrong!

(9) If #8 applies, you must apologize imme- diately for causing the misunderstanding! 

(10) You must never change your mind without verbal consent from Me! 

(11) You must remain calm and disciplined at all times, unless I want you to be upset! 

(12) I under no circumstances will let you know whether or not I want you to be upset. 

(13) You will remain a slave of loyal servitude! 

(14) You will present yourself in the respectful position "ON YOUR KNEES!" 

(15) Any attempt to disobey these rules could result in your bodily harm!

Black Domina