About Domina Erotica
About Domina Erotica

Live It – Serve It – Submit To It

Pay2Play – Pay2Exist – Pay2Worship

Ebony Royalty Supremacy & BNWO

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Who I Am

Long Fingernail Black Beauty, Alpha Male Slayer, Seductive Mind Fuck Specialist, Sissy Trainer, Mistress of Eroticism, Disciplinarian, Fetishist, Humiliatrix & Ebony Royalty. A versatile Domina of class, distinction and sophistication maneuvering with the experience of unparalleled Domination. Your ability, efforts, and persistence to get and keep My attention is up to you. You will be at your best behavior and most generous attitude to be My bitch. You will succumb to My power over you because I am used to getting what I want. And because I am more than worth it.

I will only accept true servitude with integrity. You will learn to cater to My needs and earn your rewards. You will experience profound and exquisite exploration of sub space, fetishes, and submission. Those who have a higher appreciation for experience and discretion are best matched to My particular brand of torment and elegance.

I am your money management specialist, meaning I will specialize in making sure you manage your money by giving it to Me. Royalty doesn’t come for free! I’m knowledgeable in attitude adjustments with alluring control. Your time spent with Me is not the fantasy, it’s your true reality and the natural order of things. When you are in your everyday life of work and at home, etc…that’s the fantasy. Always remember your real life is being trained, controlled, and disciplined by a long fingernail Black Vixen of classic Domination and BNWO. My style is based upon My natural Dominant expertise and knowing that I am Superior to white males. So, you worshiping Me is to be expected and inevitable beta.

Well versed from sensual and provocative to strict and merciless both with a side order of seductively hypnotic psychological manipulation. I relish in the psychological, aesthetics and physical aspects of the S/M B&D Lifestyle. I am 100% Dominant and will not allow any attempts of you topping from the bottom. I am a Domina of high standards and do not tolerate or indulge in those who have no self-control, common sense, respect, or etiquette. I do not accept or conduct sessions that I don’t sincerely enjoy, or I am not into. Compatibility, trust, and communication is key. Time and energy is of the essence. You will prove your worth and purpose or whither away like a wimp.

I have sexy long fingernails for worshiping, teasing and tormenting, deliciously pedicured toes for the foot and toe fetishist, curvaceous Ebony, a creative imagination for various and tantalizing role play scenarios, a wicked erotic desire to seduce, control, possess and use My subjects as I see fit, a commanding tone, firm hand and whip for administering discipline and punishment, an expert at full body restriction captivating you in total rope bondage, the tying skills of a cowgirl for lassoing up your pathetic meat, chastity training key holder, BNWO (Black New World Order), sissy humiliation and training, prisoner interrogation, a consistent flow of verbal abusement, strict bitch instructor for the needy and deserving for My entertainment and for whatever is clever in everything else…be transported and experience freedom from surrender to Me, your new addiction, Ebony Royalty Supremacy.