Hello My loyal pets, many of you are wondering where I am now on My Black Beauty World Domination Tour and what’s next. Well, I just left central New Jersey yesterday accepting real time sessions. Of course My loyal NJ pets presented themselves at My pretty feet with tribute in hands! I’m returning back by popular demand on February 19th & 20th. Want to schedule a session with Me? Fill out My Contact Form here on My blog site or send Me an email inquiry:


I’ll be accepting sessions in:

McLean, Virginia February 21-22nd

I’ll be accepting sessions in:

Miami & Fort Lauderdale Florida

I don’t have My exact arrival date for Florida yet. I’ll post it here when I have a date. I’m being driven to Florida, taking My time enjoying My trip, being spoiled along the way by My pets because all My travels are sub funded by My bitches. When I do arrive in Florida I will be accepting sessions. So far, I plan on visiting Florida for at least 1 month or longer So, you FL betas get your ass in place and your money right to serve Black Beauty.

My legion of white betas that serve Ebony Royalty Supremacy and BNWO are world wide. My ability to render the alpha male species completely mesmerized and mind fucked under My control is legendary!