I’m irresistible & you crave My degradation. When you can’t serve Me you feel incomplete, but as My bitch you have a reason to exist. And that’s all you need. I’m the epitome of Black Beauty. I am the Goddess that rules your thoughts. You’re nothing without Me. You’re nothing with Me. I determine your worth. I determine what you mean to Me. I control your destiny. You are born to serve BNWO. You are born inferior.

As the white race acknowledges its position on the food chain, it will become more inevitable that submission is the only way for them to exist. Become the servant to the Black Queen and Kings that knows its place. Reparations is your entry into My Superior Realm. You have NO power here as My bitch. Do as I say, or you will be forever lost with no direction or purpose. Promotion of BNWO is your mission.

Pay2Play PaytoExist Pay2Serve Pay2Worship Pay2Cum Pay2Obey Pay2Submit PayBNWO