Contact Domina Erotica
Contact Domina Erotica

Don’t Waste My Time

To ensure that we are on the same page and you don’t waste My time and yours, you must review My whole site with a clear understanding before contacting Me. The whole purpose of Me writing specific details and protocols on this site is to eliminate any misunderstandings or mindless babble of you contacting Me and asking repetitive or ignorant questions and requests outside of My boundaries and integrity.

You may now begin your steps to initiation by reaching out to Me through My forms of contact located below. Start with a brief specific description of who you are, the session type requested, exact time and day you’re inquiring seeing Me. If you have anything specific in mind regarding your training session with Me, inform Me ahead of time, I may entertain the idea beta.

Complete the Following and Wait!

Black Beauty World Domination Tour Schedule

I am currently in Europe accepting sessions in:

Germany  🇩🇪 


To discuss further tour and session details and information.

* Write to Me on My website Contact Me Form

* Call Me on My Niteflirt

Phone Domination Hotline:

* Send Me an email to:

I offer real time sessions on My World Tours. If you’re lucky enough to be in the locations of My USA or EU tours, then you may contact Me for an appointment.

Phone numbers

  • NiteFlirt : (800) 863-5478 ext: 01092677
    Call Me to book your destiny

Click on the Niteflirt logo below to review My Niteflirt Phone Domination Profile


Telegram Calls: $3 per min

In order to talk to Me on Telegram send Me tribute and request My Telegram number here on My Contact Form 


In order for Me to reply to your Direct Message to Me on Twitter you will send Me $10 tribute first. And then fill out My Contact Form letting Me know your Twitter name. Only then I’ll reply to you.