Domina Erotica Expertise

Enter With An Open Mind….Leave As My Slave!

I take great pleasure in My power of obedience training and using My subservients to administer My control. I relish in My Black Beauty Superiority. My creativity and natural supreme skills. As Your trusted Guide & Deviant Ebony Tormentor of BNWO. I will captivate and mind fuck you. You will crave for My attention and touch. And if you’re worthy, I’ll tease you until you cannot bear the slightest touch, then deny you of the release and pleasure your mere existence needs. I am relentless, this will amuse Me. I will make you beg as if your life depended on it and at that point I will decide your fate! When in My superior presence, the sole reason for your meager existence will be to serve and please Me. You will obey Black New World Order in any way I see fit! I believe in safe, sane consensual S/M fetish play. Key word is “play”, you play your part and simply submit to Me as the Ebony Goddess I am, and I will play Mine and guide you into My Domain of Forbidden desires and pleasurable torments of servitude. You must be enthusiastic and in harmony with the following ranges of My Expertise before you contact Me.

Free your mind and your ass will follow!

Leather Shackles
Saran Wrap Mummification
Incarcerating Rope Bondage
Pantyhose or Stockings Bondage
Hand over mouth
My High heels shoved in your mouth

High heels
Strap-On Worship
Foot & Toe Worship
Long Sexy Fingernails
Stockings or Pantyhose
Black Beauty Ass Worship to the deserving

Sissy Training
Sissy Mentoring
Sissy Makeovers
Sissy Psychology
Forced Feminization
Sissy Slut Assignments
Strap-On Worship/Training
Fantasy Cuckold Degradation
Ebony Royalty Supremacy Sissy Harem
Sissy Mind Fuck Brainwashing Mantras
BNWO IR Porn BBC Worship and Degradation Training

Dog Training
Slut Training
Damsel in Distress
Big Dick Black Daddy
Black Bitch Girlfriend
Cat Woman/Villain Fantasy
Hostage & Prisoner Interrogations

Edge Play
Nipple Play
Ball Busting
Water Sports
Face Slapping
Candle Waxing
Cuckold Fantasy
Male Reformation
Phone Domination
Public Humiliation
Verbal Humiliation
Real Time Sessions
Physical Degradation
Financial Domination
Dinner & Domination
Clips & Custom Clips
Cash Meet/ATM Meet
Behavior Modifications
Character Assassination
Shopping & Domination
Skype Web Cam Sessions
Niteflirt Chat Domination
Saran Wrap Mummification
Prolonged Teasing and Denial
Long Fingernail Tickle Torment