Domina Erotica Pain Management
Pain Management by Black Beauty, Domina Erotic

How Much Can you Handle?

Suffer For Me…Show Me you Are Worthy

I have developed this Program to gain access to My subjects ability of tolerance to physical pain implemented by My usage of administering various instruments of disciplinarian tools and psychological commanding mind fuck tactics. Your enthusiasm and genuine willingness to withstand different levels of pain, torture and punishments will be conducted by Me, Domina Erotica Ebony Royalty Supremacy. You will submit to BNWO. You will obey BNWO and take your rightful discipline. You will pay tribute, you will pay your reparations for your torment and white bitch taxes for being inferior! I will monitor your progress and will be mentally documenting your personal log of tolerance capabilities.

Submissive subjects initiated into this BNWO Pain Tolerance Program will have to complete an inspection and interview in order to apply. This assessment will be held during the first meeting with Me and will start at the beginning of the session. From there I will log the progress according to the subject’s facial reaction, body language, need of safe words and cowering at My feet for mercy like a bitch.

As these series of tests are conducted, I will use verbal abusement to coerce, manipulate, and degrade said subjects for My amusement and pleasures. You will show and prove to Me that you are worthy and in harmony with My wealthy knowledge of Expertise in Pain Management and Superiority. As time progresses you will undergo surprise test to see where you are in your level of bitch tolerance. This is for My own personal satisfaction.

My Pain Management Program is best fit for those that will be seeing Me for long term training (2 weeks or more) in order to attain the best results and purpose. If you’re qualified for this program you will contact Me on My booking email at:

Disciplinary actions are listed as the following but are not limited to:


Over the knee
Tied to the table
Percussion play
Bound & Gagged
Free standing bondage spanking


Single tail
Bull Whip


Tree branch switches (just like Moma use to)




Metal rulers


Ball busting and crushing
Long fingernail digging
Chains and ropes
Restrictive twine
Candle wax
Intimidating metal devices

Nipple Torture

Hot wax
Various clamps
My Long Fingernails
Smacking and pinching
More intimidating metal devices

Long Fingernail Raking

My long sexy fingernails can and will be used as an instrument of pleasure and/or pain. In this case you will be full body raked and I will sharpen My talons just for you. You can be My human scratching post! Adoration of My beautiful nails is to be expected.