In the high Matriarch of reality, Ebony Royalty Supremacy leads, takes and is born in the role of being Superior. I, the Black Queen give the commands and you will move in harmony. You are nothing without Me, therefore you will always be the inferior. BNWO isn’t a part time fetish, thought or desire. BNWO is full time! 24/7 Monday thru Sunday 365 days per year. You are privileged to serve Me, it’s your obligation to send tributes to Me. It’s an honor to submit to Black Beauty.

If you are not familiar with BNWO you’d better get educated!

B .. Black
N .. New
W .. World
O .. Order

It’s the natural order of things. The melanin deficient species serve, worship and obey Superior Black Queens & Kings. Pay reparations and promote the mission of BNWO. There’s absolutely nothing more important in your life than serving and worshiping Royalty.

Once you start to release and open your sub soul to realness you’ll truly feel and experience the greatness of servitude to Me as your superior Domina. You’ll deeply crave and desire to submit and obey. You’ll start to feel true devotion and commitment as My object of training. You’re ordinary vanilla life isn’t your true potential. Being My bitch is your ultimate goal. Ambition to submit to Me shows your true character. You will do what it takes to serve Me, because there’s no mistake that you finally found Me beta.

It was inevitable your sub soul would seek out to serve BNWO and Me as your Superior Black Queen. It’s the natural order of things! My ability to render you helpless by Me existing is to be expected. My undeniable beauty, training, control, powers and mind fuck will be the entire basis of your submission to Me.

To exist in My Ebony Divinity you must 1st display the ability to comprehend your complete inferiority and understanding that My time equals money. You will always give Me what I want in order to be in My presence. The gateway into My Realm of BNWO are reparations. A proper subservient will always honor thy Black Superiors and know its place.It’s not up to Me if you submit to Me beta. You’re natural instincts & craving to be My bitch will always guide you. See you soon!

Ebony Royalty Supremacy