Goddess Calico – Please tell me a little about your background. How did you get involved in SM/BDSM?

My involvement into the scene actually started around age 7 for Me and this is a TRUE story……….I had the Barbie and ken dolls and I love dressing Barbie up in different outfits with the high heeled shoes & boots, mini skirts and the sexy clothing accessories Barbie came with..At a young age and a vivid imagination I was always interested in fashion, dressing up watching t.v. shows like Cat Woman and admiring the Women dressed in their Super Hero/Villainies outfits in cartoons and comic books in action kicking ass!.. I remember having this desire to see Barbie in black shiny boots that came up to Her thighs, so I went to the kitchen drawer and there was some black shiny tape narrow in width. I ran back to My room excited and started to wrap this tape up Barbies’ legs. Loving the look, She needed Her outfit to match it, so I wrapped tape around Her chest down and around to Her hips. I then wrapped the tape around Her arms for gloves. I put a pair of Her black shoes on Her feet and Barbie resembled to Me a Super Hero/ Female Villainies…

I was in My own world living through Barbie as this Powerful-Femme Fatal. My victims to conquer and Dominate was who else but ken…laying on the floor face down with just his beach shorts on looking helpless. Barbie would tower over ken telling him of his demise. I needed a sword or something to lay down the Law with, so I got a toothpick and Elmer glue it to Barbie’s hand. Always scenarios of ken in a predicament and Barbie scolding him and using Her stick to punish him. This went on for awhile and always in the secrecy of My room. As I got older I always had this attraction to the alternative lifestyle and people.

Years later at around age 21 I traveled to England to visit a friend and went to this fetish party with her. I was dressed in leather chaps and a leather bra, very high stilettos and My hair was short wavy platinum blonde. Enjoying and taking in everything around Me, an intimidating yet beautiful woman dressed all in latex approached near Me and we started chatting. She then asked Me if I ever played in the S/M scene or had knowledge of it, in which I had some knowledge but never REALLY seriously played before. She gave Me Her card and said call Her to come check out Her dungeon. She said that She admired My presence, style and intelligence for someone of My age and that She would like to train Me. Her card read Maitresse Marilyn Femme-Fatal. I was intrigued and very curious so I called Her a few days later, went to Her dungeon and immediately felt like this is where I needed and wanted to be. I felt a kindred spirit with Maitresse Marilyn right away and the whole lifestyle. She showed Me some esthetics of the scene and shared Domme knowledge. I did some scenes with Her and My own skills and creative ideas kicked in, which did not take long at all…I am a natural Dominant!

I came back to the states anticipating, fulfilled and ready to begin My journey in NYC, where I first began as a Dominatrix privately and Professionally at Paradise Lost and Nutcracker Suite. Within these times I also was an Independent Domina and I maneuvered throughout the NYC B&D S/M Lifestyle, attended scene parties, traveled, became a Fetish Model, participated in slave auctions and was a panel Mistress for the Eulenspiegal Society “Everything you ever wanted to know about a Mistress, but was afraid to ask” …I also lectured a group of New York University students on the BDSM Lifestyle with demonstrations (actually 2 of the females that I lectured later on ended up being trained by Me to understand the true meaning of being a Dominatrix and emerged into the Lifestyle as a result still to this day). I evolved into a diabolical featured S/M Fetish Performer, MC and Fetish Club Host at various mainstream and S/M venues such as The Black & Blue Balls, The Vault, Webster Hall (Make-up room), Limelight, The Tunnel, Palladium, Club USA, Clit Club, Susan Bartch Parties etc….

One of the best photo shoots that I have ever done was with Howard Stern for a special issue in “E” Entertainment Weekly Magazine sponsored by the “E” Channel. I scratched him on his chest with My 2″ long finger nails, paddled & spanked him, tied him up on the wall with leather mitts on his hands and a dog chain on his neck inside this very cool delapidated industrial warehouse. I stood in front of him dressed in fetish gear holding My bullwhip and they took the picture….it was FABULOUS!! Howard your a sweetheart…!! I also co-produced My own B&DS/M Performance show on NYC public access channel 17 called “Club Fetish” The rest is Herstory…..I have been in the scene for over 17 years now and still going strong.

Goddess Calico – What was your very first impression when you first seen a Dominatrix?

When I saw a true Dominatrix..I was drawn in by Her Natural Feminine Powerful and presence, Her inner beauty and confidence, Her knowledge and grace, Her shiny black latex sexy cat suit and extremely high heels, I felt we had something very connected in common a kindred spirit.

Goddess Calico – Your legs and feet are absolutely beautiful. Do you enjoy foot worship?

Thanks, and I do enjoy foot worship to the deserving. I always keep My toes polished, pretty and manicured. I love to get a foot massage and having them pampered.

Goddess Calico – Do you enjoy playing with cross dressers and transsexuals?

Yes, I enjoy indulging in play with the boys that like to be girls. I love to bitch them out and make them My slut having My way with them. Dressing them up in sexy feminine clothes, stocking and high heels. Making them dance for Me and entertaining Me.

Goddess Calico: Do you believe that men submit to females most for their physical beauty? Do you also like to feel that he worships you for who you are as a complete woman, In mind, body, and spirit?

There are some men who submit to females just because of Her looks, which I believe they are selling themselves and their experience short because they are missing out on the substance of the Domme. I first would prefer that I am respected and served accordingly as a complete woman with My own vibrant spirit, sound body and articulate mind. If the man is intrigued by My looks too then that is wonderful and appreciated.

Goddess Calico -What is the ultimate “domme space” for you personally?

Classy, Professional, Erotic, Surreal, Intimidating, Inviting, Educational and industrial in style, elegant with taste and stocked with various implements to administer discipline, bondage and fetishes within sub space.

Goddess Calico -what is your opinion on Pro Dommes in general, who use bdsm as an outlet for their anger?

I believe a Domme that uses BDSM as an outlet for their anger is a dangerous and insensitive Domme….First of all if you are angry about something it is not fair to take your problems out on someone that does not have anything to do with it..A Lady learns to deal with Her problems out side of people, places and things. A Domme that vents Her anger during session play is more prone to actually physically hurt a sub when implementing discipline way out of his or her range of tolerance in a bad way.

As we know there are those who want the Domme to be a ruthless BITCH and to be very degrading to him and that is their choice and desire, but not dangerous and vicious to the point that She vents Her anger not thinking straight and uses him as Her emotional and physical urinal and could inflict a dangerous situation. There are some Dommes that vent there anger towards men in session as a release for Themselves because they have a hatred for men due to their past or present experiences with men that hurt them in some way. Consensual Domination is very important…

Goddess Calico – So tell me, do you have a personal slave or perhaps more and what do You look for and expect from a personal slave?

Yes, I do have a few personal slaves/subs and what I expect from My personal slaves is mandatory….The word “PERSONAL” to Me means you are in contact with Me, My life within and outside of the BDSM scene to a point. Meaning the personal slave would be more exposed to things about Me than those in real time session play, such as where I live because he is performing certain tasks and personal errands that would be his/her responsibility etc…with this in mind as a mandatory Rule the personal slave has to be very obedient and sincere by nature.

The personal slave would know his/her place from the beginning to the end with respect, etiquette, self-control and value knowing that the position could be replaced if My Law and regulations are not followed as I see fit. Personal slaves would have to be resourceful and have integrity with substance. I won’t tolerate someone being around Me just to grovel at My feet.

Goddess Calico – What is your style of domination?

My style of Domination is based upon Class, Sophistication and Professionalism , Knowledge of Self and the Scene pertaining to the Esthetics and Behavior Modifications.. An Experienced and Sensually Provocative Seductress, A Humiliatrix, A Merciless Vixen, A Captivating Disciplinarian that administers what is necessary and Demanding. A Dominant Woman that believes and lives by the mantra that the Psychological and Emotional aspects of BDSM is just as important as the Physical. A Cool, Calm and Collected Domme of Erotic Fetish Encounters that stylishly dresses for the occasion..

Goddess Calico – Do you find that some submissive confuse what “slavery” is as opposed to “submission” and/or “Masochism?”

Yes, I believe there are those who cross the lines and really don’t understand the full grasp of the meanings…Some subs believe that if I submit for a hour or two then I am Her slave. In actuality being a slave is a full time sincere commitment to a Domme, servitude, time, mind, body and soul, not just for awhile an having options…..

Goddess Calico – Do you think that a truly “bad” OR “dangerous” domme needs to be known about as much as a “bad” OR “dangerous” client?

Yes, I believe this is important to be notified that a Domme is dangerous to others. To keep this knowledge to yourself can cause a destructive domino effect..meaning a sub could come across a Domme that does not play by the rules and taints his/her experience of the scene or hurts him in a bad and un consensual way. If the sub is a novice for example and went to a defective Domme, that person may get the wrong impression about other Dommes and our Lifestyle assuming we are the same and can’t be trusted.

This may cause that person to be turned-off by the scene or by the experience in general. There are those who have good judgement of people and can feel to stay clear of “dangerous” situations, but for those whose senses and choices lack clarity it could be a problem. The actions of a dangerous type Domme that works in a House of Domination or Independently effects everyone in some way.

Goddess Calico – What is one thing you dislike about the scene?

I find disliking can be judge mental…so I try not to. I try to see clear of this. What I will say is there are those who are liars, unreliable and basically a pain in the ass, but this holds true to people outside of this Lifestyle too.

Goddess Calico – And what is the most likable things about the scene?

I like/love the diversity in people that you meet privately and socially in this Lifestyle from all over the world. I have met some very interesting people of substance and character of elevated spirits in My journeys. Experienced and passionate about life and what they do, teaching and learning is what it’s all about. The BDSM Lifestyle can take you on a road to self discovery through having Pandora’s Box opened, exploring and realizing yourself and others.

I also love finding and creating new ways to keep My Expertises flowing for scene play by discovering new toys or equipment at My local hardware store or fetish store etc… Last but not least I love a “good” fetish party and wearing My latex clothing!

Goddess Calico – Do you travel often for sessions?

Yes, I do travel often between the United States and Europe every year.

Goddess Calico – Is there a particular experience in your life through which your dominant side was brought out, or how did you discover this side of yourself?

Remember Barbie?

Goddess Calico – Do you have your own studio? Can someone come by during the lunch hour to visit you?

I no longer have My studio. I plan on having another one in the future. As for now because I travel often I conduct sessions in a private location, hotels or sometimes dungeons. Select people can come by to see Me for lunch or any other decent time. I prefer to have some advance notice and screening.

Goddess Calico – What are the three major “NO NO’s” a client best never ask you?


Goddess Calico- Have you ever encountered a submissive that you tortured immensely without ever putting a finger on them? How does it feel when you can possess such power?

Yes I have…I enjoy being the Villainies/Cat woman, standing over My subs or whispering in their ears and telling them of their demise. I have this one sub that I don’t even touch, I just throw My head back with a wicked laugh, telling him of his fate and that he is now My prisoner with no escape and I am going to turn him out and make him My BITCH and no one will ever find him etc…Lots of verbal is used.

As I am circling him he is sooo exciting, breathing hard making noises tortured by the fact that I don’t touch him makes him crazy… Or over the phone I have done Tease and Denial of the mind, where the sub is so tortured by what I saying…… To be given such a Power can be exhilarating !

Goddess Calico – Have you had a session in public before? If so, where did it take place and with what impressions did those around you respond? If not, would such a thing excite you?

Yes I have done many sessions out in public before…One of My favorite was in NYC with a slave that I had who had a passion for pink latex and Infantilism. We started at the play space with Me dressed in a full black latex cat suit and My slave dressed in a nice suit but with a pink baby bag with a white bunny on it slung over his shoulders. My baby girls’ name was Emily and I decided that we would go out in public while Emily is fully dressed in baby wear from head to toe. He drove Me to our destination which was the Supper Club in Manhattan (a non S/M related restaurant/club). I specifically choose this place because of its elegance, decor and also because inside the eating area along the sides of the Club it has large round tables and above circling around the tables are long red velour curtains to close your area in if you wanted some privacy while dining.

We walked in and was escorted to our seats, right from the start baby girl was embarrassed while walking inside the Club with the baby bag strapped on his shoulders and Me walking ahead of him in shiny latex. We sat down and I took charge and ordered for us telling the waiter what I wanted and then ordered the baby pork chops and mashed potatoes and baby peas which was for baby girl. I instructed Emily to remove his pants at the table, he had his pink frilly latex panties under them. We were at a corner table and I had the curtains slightly half open for public view and constantly reminded Emily that I can fully open the curtains so everyone could see, this was on the peak of Emily’s humiliation because there were mashed potatoes smeared on her face that I put there. Every time the waiters came to our table they had a shocked/trying not to laugh expression on their faces as Emily was dressed more and more like a baby in a wonderfully made pink latex baby outfit complete with the pink Mary Jane shoes and sox, pink & white bonnet, frilly pink panties with matching top, pacifier etc…

When people would walk by if they slowed down enough could see Emily dressed, the adrenaline was high and entertaining..Emily decided to be a disorderly baby so I threatened and said that if she keeps disobeying I would put her over the table a spank that ass! Well, this baby wanted to try My patience and would not listen. So I grabbed Emily by the back of her panties and top, put her over the table and spanked her right there. The noise was funny because Emily wore diapers under the latex panties and it made a loud thudding sound. By this time Emily was beyond embarrassed flushed to the face ready to leave but was put in her place…Emily ate out of her pink baby plate and was drinking juice out of the baby bottle being very obedient.

I was feeding Emily doing the airplane with the baby spoon to the mouth a waiter came to the table to bring dessert and asked were we going to a masquerade party? I said “No, I am I baby sitting and this is Emily’s first night out….As I am talking to the waiter he becomes more intrigued and rather open with the conversation about role play and Emily is SOOOO embarrassed at this point. I instructed Emily to slowly change back into his suit at the table and put away his baby gear as the waiter was bringing the check. As we were driving My slave was expressing to Me on how that evening he would never forget and it was the most intense public humiliation scene he has ever encountered…I have to say Myself it was a rush, very Powerful, fun and entertaining.

Goddess Calico – What do you think of dommes who brag about how much money they spend on clothes,toys and such and insist their way is the only right way?

Bragging about material things is not appealing to Me in a person. To be humbly confident exudes a more positive representation. I am very grateful for the things that I have been allowed to have in My life, the material world is a part of My life but it does not rule Me….for those who allow $$$ or materialistic things to rule them just think about this..WHEN DESIRE OVERCOMES CONSCIENCNOUS THERE IS NO REASONING!!!!As far as a Domme insisting that Her way is the right way, for some their way works for them and that’ great. But if Her way gives a distasteful image and reputation of a Domme, then I find that offensive.

Goddess Calico -What to you makes a good and bad domme?

A good Domme…She is a professional, confident, strong, Female of substance and balance in Her life. She is in tuned with Herself and others, a Femme Fatal well versed in Her Expertises and knowledgeable of the Physical & Psychological aspects of the BDSM Lifestyle. An Intimidating Sexy Vixen of Discipline & Fetishes. A Teacher and vessel of trust, Demanding and creative. A role model of Power and Seduction…A bad Domme to Me is a woman that lacks the above…

Goddess Calico -A more personal question, what kinds of hobbies outside of BDSM do you have?

I am an aspiring Clothes Designer catering to Couture exotic fetish gowns, corsets etc…I sketch My own designs. I love to write about enlightenment because I try to live within Spiritual Wisdom. I love creating new ways of cooking and eating organic foods. Pilate’s, traveling and experiencing different cultures and people, being in nature, gardening, relaxing at home.

Goddess Calico -Can women couples contact you for live sessions?

Of course, I absolutely LOVE seeing Women and Women couples, I am bi sexual so I totally welcome sexy feminine women into My arena…

Goddess Calico -Is there something more that you would like to share with those reading this interview?


This classic interview was conducted over 25 years ago, but My words and meaning are still true up until this day!