There is something about being encased in latex.. the cool, slippery latex sliding up against your skin. Feeling like a second skin as I confine your movement in a latex body bag. Feeling the world around you disappear and all you see is translucent blue latex tight across your face and body. I suck out all the air and you breath in that aroma that you love so much, that erotic latex smell mixed with your sweat and anticipation….I’ll poke My long fingernails in your mouths airway where you breath and then you kiss them with your lips, the only free part of your body…

There is something about being held, forced and pushed up against a wall face first with your cheeks resting on a steel wall board, knees weak and your breath caught in your throat, heart beating in your ears listening to my seductive tone in your ear and trying to remember your own name. Helpless in captivation being lured into a web of submission and interrogation.
There’s something about being pushed up against a steel cross on the wall, your back flat up against it, My long sexy 2″ long talons taunt your flesh, teasing, scratching and marking you. You are trapped into bondage oblivion, and restricted…your fate in My hands. Staring straight into the eyes that see through you swallowing hard bound and gagged, used as my subject for Me to administer whatever is clever, rights, choices and decisions are not yours. Waiting for your heart to start beating again and feeling the palms of your hands sweat with the anticipation of the unknown caught between mercy and thank you, Domina Erotica.

There’s something about being made to crawl across the floor like the dog you yearn to be for Me licking your own balls on My command. I am seated on My throne crop in hand, staring at you drawing you in to Me without a word, trembling, a whimper caught in your throat as I instruct you to entertain Me if you are worthy..

There’s something about being pulled up by your hair snatched up like a rag doll….feeling that hand grip on your neck collard and leashed, submitting your being willingly or being forced into humiliation and servitude…words of promises to be the best slave ever emitted from the lips. The pain not nearly as strong as the urge the desire over whelming and euphoric, cold hard suffering to peaceful bliss emerging as one. You are on your knees I am looking down at you, your purpose is to serve Me as I deserve with respect. A natural collaboration in tuned with balance and control a sigh of relief to experience such things…wanna play?

There’s something about being true to yourself, letting down your guard and being blessed with trust, devotion and sincerity. To be blindfolded and incarcerated head to toe in red and black saran wrap with just a straw to breath the air you need. To be held hostage and forced to remain silent and obedient as I conduct tease and denial with a vibrator to your member.
There is something about being sub-servant to Me caught in between the torment of masochistic pleasure and erotic pain trying to find the words within to describe what you are feeling. Trying your best to maintain your composure. Not knowing what is going to happen next or what you will be told to do. You are commanded to kneel in the middle of the floor with your head down. I circle around you in silence wearing My 9″ thigh high boots, stalking you and ready to pounce or kick you in the balls.
There’s something about being bent over the back of a chair without warning, without pretense, without question. Having your slutty skirt flipped up, cold air hitting hot skin, your wrist bound behind you as you struggle to stand in your bitch heels. Your cheeks blushing with the same color as your ass as I warm it with the striking palms of My hands. I play the bongos on your ass as you wince in erotic pain, I am in control of My bitch!!

There’s something about being slapped across the face, not back handed but smacked to bring about a change in your behavior…a change in attitude…adjusting your demeanor…to put you in your place!

There’s something about the seductive tone of strictness luring the prey in for its demise. Those phrases meant to elicit a response, and you do respond, all of you responds and your body betrays you. Always to give in to your inner fetishes and dive into the expression of divine servitude.

There’s something about being suspended and bullwhipped not against your will, for your will is to be there, to please, to submit, to offer, to relinquish. In the mid airs of your mind balancing the fear of the unknown and the yearnings.

There’s something about being put into the shower naked and forced to your back, hissed at for silence, stepped on with 12″ high heels to be still and awaiting the flow of the nectar that you know marks you as Mine… There’s something about being collared and leashed kneeling quietly beside Me, your fetish sub soul fulfilled, marinating in servitude. Your mind for a time quiet for once, your head bowed, your eyes closed, your lips quivering as the tips of My long 2″ fingernails anoints you.

Your submission accomplished in servitude to….Domina Erotica