I have been in the S/M scene for 4 years and I have seen a variety of Mistresses, some quite amazing in skills and beauty and some lacking in areas befitting a Mistress. I attended a fetish party one weekend like I usually do searching for a genuine Dominatrix, someone that I could submit my true submissive being to. A Dominant Woman that can take me on levels that I have never experienced before. The fetish party was packed wall to wall with people and as I looked a few feet in front of me there stood the most stunning and classy Dominant Woman dressed in a red latex cat suit. She was a Powerful exotic beauty…. Her red latex cat suit was shined to perfection hugging every sculpted curve of Her toned body. Her skin was smooth like creamy chocolate and Her eyes were piercing yet alluring. Her long red fingernails made my mouth quiver, I yearned to submit and serve under Her Grace. Anxious and feeling like I may never get the chance if I did not act now I said, “Pardon my forwardness Mistress, but what would be the proper way to see You for a training session? Domina Erotica inspected me up and down then grabbed me by the ring on my collar and took me outside where it was less noise. She commanded me to get on my knees and explain to Her why I should be allowed to see Her and my qualifications.. As I was expressing my feelings for servitude She said, “Shut up I have heard enough, words are not good enough for Me I want to see action, now get down there and sniff My boots!”. As I sniffed Her buffed red boots, She took the crop that She had and whacked me across the ass, and snatched me up by my collar to stand up. She then said “Here is My card send Me an e-mail about yourself etc…by tomorrow and maybe I will elect to see you”. I followed instructions and My appointment was made. I nervously rang the bell @ 12 noon Domina Erotica and answers the door…A beautiful fetish clad Barberella holding the key to Her own Thunder dome dressed in a black latex mini dress that looked like it was painted on. Long black latex fingerless gloves, 8″ steeled heel stilettos and those viciously sexy long red fingernails that matched Her pedicure toes. She said, “Exactly noon your on time, your promptness is well noted”. As I entered Her Domain my heart started to beat loud in my throat and my palms were sweating with anticipation and excitement. She then instructed me to disrobe and place myself in the middle of the candle lit space. The ambience was erotic and surreal. She approached me with a wide rubber discipline collar and placed it on my neck. She said, “Now that you are here, are you ready to show Me what you are made of? Can you honestly prove to Me that you are worth My time? As She spoke She circled me like a captivating and seducing Villainies of control and then stopped in front of me placing the crop under my chin holding it up. I stud erred in words but managed to say “Yes, Domina Erotica, I am sincere in wanting to be here and prove myself to You”. Before I could continue my plea She ordered me to my feet and told me to stand in front of the large steel framed mirror next to an assembly line of disciplinary instruments on the wall. She stood behind me, reached around and took her long talons to pinch and caress my nipples. She then took Her other hand and grabbed me by the back of my hair and whispered in my ear with a seductive yet sinister tone, “Look at you, you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into. I am going to take great pleasure in turning you out!” She bent me over and spanked my ass like She was playing the bongos until it turned red and commanding me to watch Her do it in the mirror. She spun me around and gazed at me with a sexy smirk and said, “Move your ass over to that steel cross and put your back up against it”. Domina Erotica picked up a bunch of dyed blue hemp rope and weave the most elaborate and restrictive Japanese rope bondage I have ever seen or felt. I felt overpowered caught in a Black Widows’ Web. As She spun Her web of captivation I could not help but to become turned on by Her powerful sensual essence and assertive demeanor that exuding from Her as She binds me closely.

She proceeds to take a pin wheel and rolled it over what ever skin that was visible through the bondage stimulating my senses. She grabbed me by the balls and squeezed them with one hand and then reached for red twine from a steel box next to us with Her other hand. She tied up my cock and balls with a quickness as it resembled the 7 gates of hell cock ring. She then laced some twine through ben-wa ball weights and tied them to my cock and balls. I was trying my best to keep my self control, something Domina Erotica is strict on. She reached for a soft blue leather flogger with feathers on the ends of it and started stroking me with it like a paint brush teasing and taunting me, throwing in a pinch and a caress with her long nails. She plucked the weights with Her fingernails and pulled at the twine bounding me. She is ambidextrous, using both hands at the same time stimulating and manipulating me at Her will. She came close to me and pierced me with Her eyes, grabbed me by my face and said, “I totally get off on seeing you vulnerable, trembling and submissive My captive, and while you are here your ass belongs to Me. And even when you are not here your thoughts are to be thinking and creating new ways to please Me and be of quality service to Me and My desires”. I replied, “Yes, Domina Erotica I understand and I submit to you, I want to be Your captive…and before I know it, She shoves a rubber ball gag into my mouth and straps it on me. She proceeds to flog me and pull at the twine on my balls telling me that the twine was my leash and She was going to lead me around like Her mutt and make me lick my own balls.. She disassembles me from the bondage and made me crawl around like Her pet. I followed Domina Erotica on my hands and knees trying my best not to look up at Her amazing ass and legs in that latex mini dress and high heels. I was mesmerized in fantasy yearning to at least kiss Her feet before She dismissed me. She walked me to Her throne chair and sat down as I was kneeling in front of Her, She then removed my ball gag and took Her stiletto heel and told me to stick out my tongue. She placed Her heel in my mouth and said, ” Suck it! I want to see you wrap your lips around My heels and suck it like you mean it!” Domina Erotica moved Her heel in and out of my mouth slowly and seductively admiring Her intimidation on me. She put her other stiletto shoe on my chest with the heel on my nipple, I winced in pain, aroused and overwhelmed. She removed Her heel from my mouth and placed it on my other nipple, now She has both of my nipples under Her heels smiling at Me and pleased, telling Me of all the different ways She would make me her slut, interrogate and discipline me .She then removes her heels from my chest, stands up and grabs a furry paddle and strokes my nipples and pulls at my twined cock. Every fiber of my being is on the edge, I felt like every sense in my body is being stimulated, my mind is being altered to a place that I wish I could remain forever. I had the euphoria of pleasure, pain within true submission. Domina Erotica took me on a ride that I always looked for in a Mistress, an experience that I would never forget. She is unpredictable and cunning and that will always keep me on my toes. She tells me to stand up, spit in my hand and grab my cock and stroke it until I feel like I can’t hold it anymore and then stop!! She commanded me to do this Tease & Denial at least 4 times and it was driving me crazy..After feeling like I was in a frenzy of torture and pleasure, She told me to remove my hand and place it to my side and said, “Kneel down and kiss My toes.. and as for that meat in between your legs which I know you are dying to touch again, that belongs to Me! Remember I control it and you. Looks like you are ready to explode, that’s too bad. As a matter of fact continue touching it again until I say stop!” I am on the brink and at this point it is extremely difficult to sustain myself. Feeling like this was it, She told me to remove my hand and stand up again. She takes Her long nails and lightly scratches and strokes my chest and moves around to my back. Knowing that Her nails can be used for pleasure or pain She rakes my body up and down soft and hard, pinching and teasing my already sensitive nipples. She walks away and leaves me standing there, on the edge and weak at the knees. She comes back with a blindfold and places it on me. Now I am in darkness not knowing what is going to happen next and I feel She is close to me almost breathing down my neck. She comes up behind me whispering in my ear very sensually about Her domination over me. She smacks my ass and trails one fingernail up and down my spine and then She moves in front me and starts to pluck my cock with her nails…She picks up Her leather crop and instructed me to bend over and then gave me a whack across my ass. Domina Erotica took off my blindfold and then removed the ben-wa ball weights from my member and said,” Now, go and get dressed and as for the twine still tied on your cock and balls that is to stay bounded until I call you later and instruct you to remove it”. As I attempted to get dressed hoping my excitement would deflate before leaving. I was allowed to kiss Her feet and I thanked Domina Erotica for an encounter that was extraordinary.

She is the element of Domination & Sophistication befitting Her mantra…….. Mistress of Eroticism & Disciplinarian a Seductress! Until this day I am still and always will be in servitude to Domina Erotica….