Today was the day that would change my life of devotion, servitude and submission forever. I have been finally allowed to meet and serve Domina Erotica. It all started with a brief phone call to Her one afternoon. Before I called Domina Erotica, I found myself nervous with anticipation and excited with sheer fear. The phone rings and she answers with a sultry yet right to the point tone. She briefs me on the Do’s and Don’ts and immediately puts me in my place as a potential slave of Her servitude. She then instructs me to call Her tomorrow at noon sharp before my training session a 3:00 p.m. I called the next day as instructed, noon on the dot. Domina Erotica then gives me directions to the dungeon. I finally arrived after much anticipation and knock on the door. She answers the door and says “Come in you are right on time”. There stood the epitome of Dominance, the Power of Beauty and the aura of a Goddess. I was speechless in Her presence. Domina Erotica was wearing a black latex cat-suit that looked as though it was painted on Her like a canvas. Her toned and model shapely curves filled every inch of the cat suit. Along with a rubber bondage corset that intertwined Her 18” waist like a fetish style boa. On Her feet, She wore a pair of 8” black patent high heeled shoes that shined almost as brilliant as Her latex cat suit. Domina Eroticas’ toenails were perfectly painted a glossy red and looked like the sweetest hard candy to be sucked on. I could only dream to be privileged to do so. I also could not help but to notice Her 2 ½ inch red glossy painted feline fingernails, that looked like they could give a mere slave like me a flesh scraping or teasing of uncontrollable pleasure. She was veiled with silky hair that draped to Her mid back, red sultry lipstick, lashes that could whip a bat and deep chocolate smooth skin like Hershey syrup. Domina Erotica’s eyes were deep, beautiful and intense like She knew what I was thinking, feeling and what my undeserving slave bottom needs for discipline. But, overall, Her entire exterior was like some type of fetish clad Barbarella holding the key to Her own thunder-dome. The dungeon was well light with many scented candles, red lighting and the scent of my anxiety of fear and arousal in the air. Domina Erotica says to me, “Take off you clothes slave, put them on that chair and get where you belong, on your knees” I did so with a quickness. My palms were sweating from the torment of anticipation. I began to sign the dotted line of submission with my mind. As I kneel in the middle of the room feeling my heart in my throat, She began circling Me like a vulture ready to nit pick. In Her hand, She had a discipline collar and a riding crop. She placed the collar around my neck and said “Put you mouth near the floor”. As my mouth neared the floor, I felt the stinging “WHACK” of Her crop across my ass.

Then another and another until my ass was red like a rose. Domina Erotica then said to me, “And that was only the beginning, you are going to have to prove your worth to Me”. She then grabbed me by the collar and lifted me up. I was aroused yet afraid to look into Her eyes. She told me I would not leave the same way as I came today. She then hoisted me up by the ring of the collar and lead me to the bondage cross frame. Next to the frame was a pile of colorful rope and twine with weights attached. Domina Erotica shackled my wrist and ankles with leather restraints to the frame, then stepped back a few feet just looking at me with a sensual smirk of deviation. She proceeds with grabbing the rope next to me and before I knew it, I felt like a fly caught in a symmetrical and inescapable black widows web. A deep whisper awakens my sense of hearing with “How does it feel to be vulnerable and out of control?”, and I reply “I am afraid for what is about to happen to me, but my fein is too strong to be ignored Mistress”. Domina Erotica then proceeds across the dungeon like a soldier of grace and begins to pick out her ammunition of discipline carrying the instruments of my punishment. She begins to lay them in a building line of tolerance. Domina Erotica begins my journey into obedience. She picks up a soft leather flogging whip and proceeds to flog my cock and balls with a repetitive swing. Out of no disrespect, but I could not help but to get excited by Her control over me and the care she took with each stroke to my pathetic genitals.

Domina Erotica then placed the flogger down and grabbed the riding crop. Before I knew it, She was cropping my nipples from one to the other until they were sensitive to the mere touch. She came very close to me with Her beautifully manicured fingernails and grabbed my face with Her hand and my balls with the other. She then traced my face with one long fingernail and shoved it in my mouth. Domina Erotica has a strong sense of knowing and the unexpected. I sucked on Her long nail like my life depended on it. As She with the other hand introduced my sour balls to her fingernails. Her sensual full lips was next to my face and the essence of Her scent was mesmerizing. She taunted and teased me into submission with Her voice and presence. Domina Erotica let go of the grip to my sour balls and removes Her fingernails from my face. She then takes the twine next to me and lasso my balls like a Professional Cowgirl. Next, She grabs a pair of vibrating nipple clamps and puts them on my already sensitive nipples. I moan within me. She then removes the vibrating nipple clamps that felt like they were vibrating my whole being. She then took a soft furry paddle with leather on the opposite side of it and began to stroke my nipples with the furry side. I felt so tantalized with the combination of pain and pleasure immersed. She pinched my nipples with Her fingernails.

Unexpectedly on the table was a glass of ice water. Domina Erotica took a cube of ice and placed them on my nipples. It felt like she put out a fire on my chest. Next She disassembled me from the bondage frame, rope and leather shackles and instructed me to turn around not facing her. She then shackled me back up to the frame and spanked and cropped my ass. She racked my back with Her feline nails, and whispered sweet taunting words in my ears. My legs were shaking with excitement. She then commenced the discipline and unshackled my limbs from the frame. Domina Erotica instructed me to get on my knees. She told me, “Keep your head down slave, for you are about to take Me for a pony ride”. She then grabs a horse bit head harness with attached blinders from the wall where it was hanging up and buckles it securely to the back of my head. She picks up the riding crop and places Her body in the middle of my back. “Move!” as She whacks me across my ass and tells me to ride Her over to the other side of the dungeon and back until She is satisfied.

She continues to ride me in animal oblivion around the dungeon. I move with speed of a well trained circus horse. I continue to react to Her demands and speed up though stay obedient to my Domina. With another whack of the crop, She slows me down to a cooling trot, then to a final halt. She removes Herself and says, ”That’s a good boy, that’s a good horsey, you rode me well!” As She strokes my head and proceeds to take the horse bit harness from my head. Domina Erotica walks to a glass of water and places it underneath me and says to me ”Lap it up pony boy, I know you must be thirsty and exhausted”. As I do what I am told, She walks over to Her throne chair and instructs me to crawl over to Her. I do so with a quickness and place myself at Her lovely feet as I should be.

As I gaze up into Her eyes, She has a look of satisfaction and power. She tells me that I served Her well for today and my dream came true. I was allowed to kiss Her red candy coated painted toe nails. Each one with delicate tenderness and eager not to put them in my mouth like I would love to. Kissing them was a honor in itself. I was then instructed to get dress our time was up. I proceeded to put my clothes back on as She briefs me on our next training session together. I strongly anticipated it. I walked away marinating in sheer bliss and high off of knowing where my place was and that is forever serving with obedience an submission to Domina Erotica. Until next time…………………..